Roadmap To Attention And Regulation (R.O.A.R.)


Roadmap to Attention and Regulation (ROAR) is a unique course where you will learn how to precisely use food and nutrition as powerful tools to transform your child’s moods, increase their focus, stabilize their energy, and get into a learning pathway and mindset. All of this in 5 weeks!

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Before we chat more about this transformative program, let us talk about WHO this is really for. 

You are a mom or dad  frustrated by your child’s  impulsivity and lack of regulation. Your son or daughter is emotionally all over the place, constantly moving from one impulse to another. 

You would love for them to become stable, rested and just start learning. But you are frustrated that their schooling doesn’t work well (not just in these times), even homeschooling doesn’t do the trick. 

Maybe you are afraid that you will never be able to meet people outside home because of your child’s instability. 

You just want your child to grow academically, learn, make friends and be rested. 

Whether your child has:

- A diagnosis of Autism, ADHD or learning disability,

- No diagnosis, but they are struggling with paying attention in school and staying focused

- A genetic disability that seems to come in the way - like Down Syndrome or Cerebral Palsy,

This course is for you. This course will give you the TOOLS to help you use food as medicine to shift your child’s health and focus, mood and mindset for the better. 

Everybody deserves to learn. Everybody CAN learn. 


A 5-week program where you use Food, Respect and Science to achieve Focus, Regulation and Stability

By the end of this program, you will

☐ 3 unique ways (outside food and nutrition) to calm your child and prime them for learning.

☐ An understanding of how to design a breakfast that will stabilize your child for the key learning hours coming up

☐ Know what nutrients are most important (and maybe deficient) in your child - how these nutrients support learning, focus, and mood

☐ How to build a full weekly meal plan that is rich in nutrients, anti-inflammatory and stabilizing

☐ Find out if mood-busting and brain-disrupting chemicals in your diet and surroundings are sneaking their way in your child’s diet, and what to do about it.

☐ What food sensitivities your child may have, common symptoms, and how to trial an elimination diet.


As I changed diet according to R.O.A.R, irritability in my son came down. My son tends to have some fixations: things need to be done in just the right way. These fixations have also reduced. He has become more flexible. He is More attentive and responsive. This is just with implementing the first two modules of R.O.A.R. As I have sustained these changes over the past month, the results have become clear. R.O.A.R helped me understand the science behind nutrition [specially sugar intolerance, blood sugar spikes], it also helped me clarify which foods actually spike blood sugar, and which foods are OK. Even though I had done nutritional interventions in the past, there was a lot of detail about specific foods I was not aware of. Vaish has broken down concepts and introduced key elements through her modules in a very systematic way, and in a way that is easy to follow. In every milestone you have something to learn and implement. Questions are being addressed throughout the course, there is a supportive group structure. You have an experienced expert cutting through the nutritional noise.

- Radha Iyer

“Vaish is an excellent speaker.. She weaves together her personal experience, passion and clinical knowledge into powerful presentations. She has the unique ability to convey complex scientific topics in a way that's easy for the audience to understand."

-Andrea Nakayama, Functional Nutritionist, Founder, CEO, Clinical Director Functional Nutrition Alliance

“When I spoke for the first time with Vaish, I had a lot of health issues going on from extreme fatigue, mind fog, lack of motivation, mood swings, alternating constipation and diarrhoea and some or the other bacterial infection going on. Oh, and I’d just been diagnosed with hypothyroidism couple of months back. It would not be an exaggeration if I claimed to have tried every diet out there. Also, since I have always been overweight, every other person gave me health advice and I had little motivation to try functional nutrition. But I consider myself lucky that a close friend of mine suggested her name and for some reason I thought of giving it a shot. 

From there, through a period of 6-8 months she has helped me come to a place where I can say I’ve not fallen sick in the past 3 months, my thyroid hormones have been optimized, I do Yoga and meditation( yes, Vaish introduced me to Meditation) on most days in the week and dance on the weekends. I’ve learnt to manage my sugar cravings and have developed a positive relationship with food and my own body for the very first time in my life.

If you’re looking for guidance with your food, you are at the right place. Vaish is more like a sister/cheerleader for you in your journey to better health”

Engineer, Intel


Came in to learn about focus, attention and hyperactivity. This course helped me deepen my awareness of what foods are good to eat - I was completely unaware of what foods to feed my child, even though we generally eat health fresh home-made food.Vaish presents some case studies that give us a lot of hope on what works. Having changed breakfast according to Vaish’s recommendations, constipation in my son resolved significantly. Specifically, going dairy free has helped improve constipation and has reduced eczema.

Shobha Bhojwan

R.O.A.R really gives a sense of roadmap, shows where a person can start to be healthy with the help of food choices. What I love about R.O.A.R is Vaish’s smiling face, her consideration, use of simple language, immediate doubt solving, good and helpful references, knowledge of supplements, information regarding methods and procedures which can help kids with ADHD.The content is good, easy to understand, and well presented.

Jasmine Kolah

I came to this course to expand my understanding of nutrition and to learn how to feed my child. R.O.A.R helped me really fine tune my child’s breakfast with respect to sugar. My child used to fall asleep by 11 am. This change in breakfast was one of the primary changes that helped change this. I no longer hear this from my son’s teachers.The support section - Q/As, interactions with other participants has been incredibly helpful. Nutrition plays a very important role in your child’s functioning - and Vaish puts it together beautifully, laying out complex concepts very simply - and makes it very easily do-able, easy to understand and follow.


R.O.A.R is designed step-by-step. I really like it and it made it easy to implement the plan. One of the changes I implemented early on were the bath recipes Vaish provided in R.O.A.R - This has been helpful for both my son and me. Now my son is not taking melatonin for sleep regularly like before.From this course, I/we not only learned how dietary intervention, supplementation can help with regulation, attention and focus but also we learned some interesting and useful things that we usually tend to overlook. For example, how vision/ocular muscle challenge could get misunderstood as ADHD.

A. V.

R.O.A.R is Very comprehensive - a true roadmap showing us which possible “routes” have possible obstructions, in our individual journeys, leading to a child who lacks focus and attention.Vaish is very approachable - very knowledgeable, breaks things down into doable bits.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to R.O.A.R

    • Roadmap to Attention and Regulation (ROAR)

  • 2

    MODULE 1: CALM (The magic of breakfast)

    • Overview

    • LESSON 1 - CALM

    • CALM - Your Resource Guide

    • Print Version - Your Resource Guide

    • Essential Oils and The Parasympathetic State - with Jodi Cohen


    • High and Low GI Foods

    • Print version - High and Low GI Foods


    • Print Version - The 7 Breakfast Frameworks- Infographic

    • Breakfast Framework: 7 ways to hack breakfast to stabilize moods and increase focus

    • Print Version - Breakfast Framework: 7 ways to hack breakfast to stabilize moods and increase focus Guide



    • Plan your week

    • Print Version - Plan your week

  • 3

    MODULE 2: NOURISH (Micronutrients to the rescue)

    • Overview

    • Welcome!


    • Movement Therapy for Rewiring the Brain

    • Print Version- Movement Therapy for Rewiring the Brain

    • Movement Therapy with Sonia Story



    • Foods to eat and Avoid on a Whole Foods Anti-Inflammatory Diet

    • Print Version - Foods to eat and Avoid on a Whole Foods Anti-Inflammatory Diet



    • Veggies Challenge

    • Print Version - Veggies Challenge


    • Supplements

    • Print Version - Supplements

    • Sprinkle A Nutrient - Boost Party

    • Print Version- Sprinkle: A Nutrient - Boost Party

  • 4

    MODULE 3: Clean (Addressing Chemical Sensitivities)

    • Overview

    • Welcome

    • Lesson 1 - Remove Added Chemicals

    • Lesson 2 - Make Change

    • List of Chemicals

    • Print Version - List of Chemicals

    • Lesson 3 - Berries, Bananas, Behavior

    • A list of naturally occurring chemicals in foods

    • Print version - A list of naturally occurring chemicals in foods

    • Lesson 4 - Ready To Make The Change

    • Let’s plan the next 10 days

    • Print Version - Let’s plan the next 10 days

    • Low Glutamate Diet

    • Print Version - Low Glutamate Diet

  • 5

    MODULE 4: Clean (Food Reactions)

    • Overview

    • Introduction


    • Gluten Free Dairy Free Alternatives

    • Lesson 2 - WHAT's the deal with dairy?

    • Gluten Free Dairy Free Alternatives

    • Print Version - Gluten Free Dairy Free Alternatives


    • The Least Restrictive Diet

    • Print Version - The Least Restrictive Diet

    • Lesson 4 - WHAT IS GUT HEALTH?

    • Healing the Gut

    • Print Version - Healing the Gut

    • Lesson 5 - Plan your week

    • Resources for an Elimination Diet

    • Print Version - Resources for an Elimination Diet

    • Let’s plan the next 10 days

  • 6

    MODULE 5: Integrate, Calm, Focus

    • Overview


    • Lesson 1 - SLEEP

    • Sleep Whisperer

    • The Sleep Checklist

    • Print Version - The Sleep Checklist

    • Lesson 2 - POOP

    • Constipation and Diarrhea Checklist

    • Print Version - Constipation and Diarrhea Checklist

    • Print Version - Constipation and Diarrhea Checklist

    • Lesson 3 - Next Steps and Troubleshooting

    • Next Steps and Troubleshooting


    • The Easy Implementation Roadmap

    • Print Version - The Easy Implementation Roadmap

  • 7

    Bonus Content

    • Introduction to Labs - part 1

  • 8


    • Congratulations

  • 9

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MODULE 1: CALM (The magic of breakfast)

I have gone before you in this path, made mistakes, tried extreme diets and interventions, and found that the very first step to changing is actually finding one’s CALM. This module gives you many ways to come around to a place of CALM and RELAXED focus, not just for you but also your child.

You are going to get simple daily techniques to pull your child back into a state of rest everyday, detailed frameworks for breakfast, guest interview(s) from experts in their field, movement advice, so that by the end of this module, the CALM is both internal and external. 

We will map out an entire week’s worth of breakfast menus, with frameworks, guidance and understanding of what blood sugar is and how to manage it.

MODULE 2: Nourish(Micronutrients to the rescue)

If the first module drew you back to a state of rest, and allowed the rest of the day to progress from a state of CALM, this module helps you actively nourish your child, providing them with key nutrients to break the vicious cycle of inflammation, picky eating, learning challenges and behavior.

Once a bit of CALM is established, we move to understanding the role of micronutrients in ADHD symptoms, in learning challenges, and how to bring these nutrients in your child’s body everyday through food and maybe supplements.


  • 5 Common Nutrient Deficiencies that impair brain function and digestion .  

  • How to use food as Medicine to nourish your child with naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients.

  • Understand which Supplements to use and how to use them.

MODULE 3: Clean (Addressing Chemical Sensitivities)

This module takes you deep into hidden causes of hyperactivity, aggression, mood and focus issues that other strategies may not address. Chemical Sensitivities can come from artificial sources, but even through naturally occurring foods. At the end of this module, you will skilfully be able to identify and remove food and chemical triggers that cause these symptoms.

If you have ever felt that you don’t understand what nutrition is, how to tweak your diet, this module is where you really become the BOSS of your child’s diet. The toolkit is now OFFICIALLY YOURS.


  • The 4 classes of chemical additives that can worsen moods, regulation, behavior and learning. 

  • The 3 classes of NATURALLY OCCURRING chemicals that are healthy, but can increase behavior. 

MODULE 4: Clean (Food Reactions)

We finalize the process of becoming the BOSS of your child’s nutritional health. No longer do you have to sift through thousands of parenting magazines, health blogs, or nutrition podcasts to know if dairy is good or bad. What is OK to eat, how much is OK to eat, should your child really be Paleo? 

There is an important Idea I teach in this module that I haven’t seen elsewhere so far. The idea and practice of the Least Restrictive Diet. 


  • What is the deal with Gluten and Dairy?
  • Alternatives to Gluten and Dairy. 

Design your child’s Least Restrictive Diet. This is a new concept for many people. People are used to either avoiding everything or eating everything. The Least Restrictive Diet is my plan to get your child eating as much variety as possible, while removing the most inflammatory foods.

MODULE 5: Integrate, Calm, Focus

This module is where we put everything together. There is a lot of really good stuff in this module about poop and sleep - the primary non-negotiables. We know our kids should poop everyday, we know they should sleep well. But do we know what that looks like? I know… TMI. But do we really know how to achieve these goals? Well… At the end of this module, you now do!

I include some fantastic guest interviews and frameworks and simple ideas that can really bring together the immense amount of knowledge we have soaked in over the past 4 weeks and bring it into easy implementation. 


  • 5 tips on how to achieve a good night’s sleep. 

  • 6 ways to treat constipation and what to do when nothing works. 

  • 4 ways to address and heal from Diarrhea long term. 

  • Simplify and Conquer your child’s week with easy meal frameworks and schedules. 

☐ 5 Implementation Modules showing you the 5 more critical areas of nutrition that need to be addressed to help focus, learning, behavior, moods and hyperactivity. 

☐ A step-by-step guide that helps you create a custom plan for your child and implement it with precision and structure. 

☐ Understand key non-negotiables about breakfast that will help stabilize your child’s morning. 

☐ Meal Frameworks that help you create weekly meal plans for your child. 

☐ Understanding key Chemicals and Foods that could be triggering your child’s symptoms. 

✔You will be given access to one module per week to help you understand and start implementing changes as you learn. 

✔ We do this, so you are not overwhelmed with information, and so you have time to process, implement, and ask questions. 


  • My child has been on diets before. We saw no change with the Gluten Free Diet.

    While Gluten Free Diets and Dairy Free Diets are anti-inflammatory and desirable for many kids, these diets by themselves may not result in significant change, especially if gluten is not the primary cause of regulation / attention issues. Avoiding Gluten can help heal the gut, but is not often my go to technique to bring back focus and regulation. Other techniques explored in this course are much more important.

  • We have done traditional biomed interventions. We saw no change.

    Biomed / Alternative interventions focus heavily on removing pathogenic load and healing the gut, which are very important but will not immediately result in changes if the primary triggering causes of Attention and Regulation issues are not addressed.

  • How practical will this be for me to follow?

    Every module has very specific action items and HW. I hold weekly Q/A sessions to make sure the action items are very clear, and that you know exactly what to do during the week.

  • I don’t have time to implement complicated recommendations

    The recommendations are not complicated. There may be optional situations where I ask you to consider a technique that you may find hard, but I will always give you a PLAN B that is easier and within your time and ability.

  • I usually have a lot of questions about how to implement

    Great! We have a lot of Q/A sessions. And I am always available in our support group.

  • What if something does not work for my child?

    These techniques are research-based and are meant to work for your kid. The course has 5 modules with different techniques in each. But of course it is always possible that something doesn’t work for your kid. If you have implemented every module completely, and it doesn’t give you the results you want, I will give you Plan B alternatives that you can explore.

  • I don’t have the time to cook everyday for my kid

    You don’t have to cook everyday. You can batch your meals on the weekend, and I will discuss this in our course. However, there is some cooking involved, and if you cannot cook at all, this course may not be a good fit for you.

  • Is the course theoretical?

    Nope! While I will give you reasons that we are doing what we do and the research behind it, ROAR ™ is all about implementation.

  • Will my child actually improve? Can you guarantee it?

    These techniques are research-based and are meant to work for your kid. The course has 5 modules with different techniques in each. I fully expect you to see improvement, however, in some cases there may be deeper dysfunction - like pathogenic infections or gut inflammation, and it is possible that you don’t see immediate results. In this case, I will do a ½ hour free consultation with you to help you find your next steps.

Still thinking about it?

You should give Roadmap to Attention and Regulation ™ a 14 day risk free trial if you are trying to address any of the following:

✔ You have used diets, medication, and behavioral therapy and all of it has seemed as though it has worked for a short time - a few days, before everything came crashing down again. 

✔ If the medication that works makes your child miserable - with side effects you don’t care for, if you really are ready for something sustainable that you can use for a long long time, that will bring your family the stability that you have been waiting for! Then this course is for you!

✔ If your child is struggling with moods and sleep, everyday is a battle. If you have to wonder about every outing you take and your child takes and you feel like you are using a hundred band-aids to deal with situations that should be so simple. 

My goal is for you to have simple days again. My goal is for you to have the toolkit yourself, a toolkit without side-effects, where both you and your child have a good night’s sleep, and a regulated, focused day.

If you are looking for a course that will finally clarify what health and nutrition mean for your child, and what the most simple steps are that can bring you there. 

This course is for you!

I personally cannot wait to guide you through this ROADMAP for ATTENTION and REGULATION over the next 5 WEEKS. 

Working with food and learning has literally transformed my life.

It was just a few years ago that my son was so dysregulated that everything - even walking a few steps with focus was a huge struggle. I remember the sleepless nights, the utter frustration at not being able to make simple trips, I remember the zoned out look in his eyes. I remember my pain, my complete helplessness.

I can’t even believe some days where I am. And the tools that have worked for me haven’t been all that complex. In fact some of them are so simple that I am surprised others don’t use them regularly. 

If you are a mom, dad, or caregiver, I invite you to join me over the next 5 weeks to experience first hand the simplicity and power fo these tools. 

I invite you to join ROAR ™.